Ace Combat Assault Horizon Screenshots Trailer and release date

Namco Bandai‘s long-running Ace Combat series has never been about simulating flying an actual jet. It’s always been about the imagined feeling of flying jets. It’s about being Maverick, the Top Gun.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is no different from the rest, boasting fast-paced action and explosion after explosion. This time around though, it seems like the game is putting a little more effort into the storytelling department with a narrative written by New York Times bestselling author, Jim DeFelice (Leopards Kill and Threat Level Black).

The latest batch of media released by Namco Bandai includes a bevy of screenshots, and a trailer that gives gamers a taste of the frenetic, in-your-face gameplay the title will offer – as well as reiterating the story premise.

The first trailer showed a ton of gameplay and pretty much establishes that Ace Combat: Assault Horizon brings the series back and better than ever with enhanced aircraft destruction models and even destructible environments now.

This third trailer offers more of the same but presents it in an ever more cinematic way and is also dedicated to establishing the game’s antagonist, Markov “the Shark.” It could sound very run of the mill – if these guys weren’t flying death machines, and were instead an elite group of spec ops soldiers then you’ve pretty much got a plot right out of Modern Warfare (which arguably is pretty much the same story told twice with minor tweaks and bigger explosions).

However, it looks deliciously fun so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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The trailer doesn’t indicate many, if any, gameplay changes from the previous titles. It does show that the game has gotten a massive graphical overhaul, however. Aside from the destructible environments, it’s great to see that we can actually fly down into the cities and create tons of collateral damage. This makes for some tricky gameplay situations I’m sure.

In a press release Bandai Namco says:

The engaging war drama will span real-world locations, such as Dubai and Russia, and incorporate new categories of aircraft, including super-sonic jets and the introduction of the attack helicopter, door gunner and more.

Attack helicopter? Door gunner? That will feel like being neutered compared to the unbridled fury of controlling a fighter jet – but maybe the change of pace and mix of gameplay will serve to make it all the more interesting.

The screenshots also offer some eye candy, showcasing three planes, including The Shark’s own Su-35 (marked with an awesome decal). It would be great if the player could customize their own machine in a similar fashion – but that’s unlikely. In addition to The Shark’s jet, we see another Su-35, a Typhoon, and a Rafale M.

Check them out below:

All planes are modeled beautifully, and realistically. Just because the things don’t fly like real jets in the game, doesn’t mean they don’t look like them. The graphics are actually impressive, and seeing the planes in motion makes me wish that there was a cinematic replay mode that let players view their flights with fancy camera angles and whatnot.

The final bit of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon news is the release date. When will you be strapping into your shiny new death machine? No sooner than October 11th!

Let us what your favorite fighter jet is,and whether you’re psyched for the game or not!