'Ace Combat: Assault Horizon' Story Trailer

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Story Trailer

Namco Bandai is making moves to revamp their top franchises for 2011. Along with what seems to be a more action oriented make-over of the Ace Combat franchise, Namco is also showing that they're bringing a gripping narrative in this new trailer for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

At their Ignite showcase earlier in the month, Namco Bandai released a new trailer for Ridge Racer Unbounded which indicated the franchise was headed down a path of extreme arcade racer, similar to Burnout and MotorStorm. Namco is doing something similar with Ace Combat -- focusing on close-up, in your face action. If you haven't seen the previous trailer for Assault Horizon, then it's best to take some time and do that now. Be warned, it's pretty intense.

This new trailer isn't as intense as the last. It's a lot shorter and gives a glimpse into the story of the game. It looks like several major world powers will be battling for supremacy in this new Ace Combat title. Then again, that's how it is in every Ace Combat game. Check out the trailer below.


As the trailer unfolds, you get to see the face of what will probaly be the main antagonist of the game. It also looks like our hero suffers from nightmares, no doubt brought on from the stress of fighting in this war. The music and visuals in this trailer give the sense that this conflict will center around events that take place in the Middle East and Northern Africa. It sounds clichéd, so lets hope that Namco can put an interesting spin on the story.

Assault Horizon not only brings spectacular visuals, but looks like it will be bringing an awesome story as well. Will you be picking up this title when it comes out? Have you been a fan of the previous Ace Combat games?

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon launches for PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year

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