E3, the biggest few days in gaming, is an opportunity for developers to wow the competition as well as consumers with flashy new tech and the very biggest game reveals. The other huge part of E3 are the game trailers. Publishers have been known to pull out the stops with E3 trailers, mainly because, like the Superbowl, so many people will watch them. This creates a win-win situation for us because we get to watch the epic trailers like this one for Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

The new trailer follows in the footsteps of the previous looks at the game, setting up the plot and showcasing the ultra-cinematic gameplay. The last trailer focused on the game’s main bad guy: Markov. This time around, Namco Bandai gives us a deeper look at the main character, his buddies, and a lot of explosions. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the seventh game in the series, and after so long, there is not much reason to mess with the formula. “If it ain’t broke,” right? However, change can be good sometimes, so the developers decided to give us more of what we liked, make it prettier, and put more effort into an engaging campaign. And, as one can tell, that campaign is going to be one wild ride.

We can expect plenty of creative set pieces taking advantage of the destructible buildings as well as the attack helicopter, seen in some of the shots in the trailer. Being a door gunner or even the pilot of the attack chopper looks brilliant and it somehow manages to change the pace of the gameplay while maintaining the frenzy. Considering helicopters and their proximity to the ground, one can expect the missions involving them to feature some of the more impressive visuals of buildings being torn apart and knocked into dust.

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Fans of other military genre films or games will note the marked similarities to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, as well as the generic way the trailer itself is edited. I could not help but be reminded of Transformers: Dark of the Moon while watching this trailer, merely because of the way the two trailers are laid out in almost exactly the same way.

Generic or not, the urge to pull on a flight helmet as Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop is strong. The trailer, showing him plagued by prophetic nightmares of death and destruction make him an interesting, if simple, character. One can hope that these characters will be developed to a greater extent during the actual game.

The competition for attention at E3 is huge, and Ace Combat Assault Horizon is probably overshadowed by some of the other massive action titles on display there. However, Ace Combat fills a niche no other game has managed yet. Ace Combat dominates the modern skies, and for those left unsatisfied by the HAWX franchise, you can rest easy knowing that

Ace Combat Assault Horizon will be releasing on October 11, 2011, for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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