'AaaAAa!! Force = Mass x Acceleration' Ready for iOS

AaaAAa! Force = Mass x Acceleration Ready for iOS

Dejobaan Games, IGF 2010 finalist and creators of AaaAAa!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, have announced that the iOS version of their hit base jumping series is complete. AaaAAa!! (Force=Mass x Acceleration) was developed alongside Owlchemy Labs, creators of another popular iOS title Snuggle Truck.

For the uninitiated, Dejobaan has been around for quite sometime but are more widely known for creating AaaAAa!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity which has players free falling past floating structures, giving them "hugs and kisses" to rack up points. This game received a more recent follow-up called AaaAAa!! for the Awesome, which sports a graphical upgrade and additional levels.

In between those releases, Dejobaan Games also launched 1...2...3... Kick It! (Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby), a game similar to Reckless Disregard for Gravity, with the twist of the player’s music influencing the environment around them. All of these titles can be found on Steam, and are definitely worth checking out.

Dejobaan Games announced via Twitter that work on AaaAAa!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) has been completed and that game was submitted for approval to the Apple App Store. When asked by a Twitter follower if we’ll be seeing a release of AaaAAa!! for Android devices, the developer stated that they’re interested in making it for Android but didn't confirm if it was in development. There's no info on a price point yet.

One thing that was confirmed is that there will be no lite version of Aaa!! (F=MA) at launch. Apparently there were some problems when creating the demo version of A Reckless Disregard for Gravity and they're attempting to avoid any issues this time around.

The subtitle Force = Mass x Acceleration is a not-so-subtle indication that this game will be utilizing the accelerometer of the iPhone/iPad for directional control. This will be an interesting change from the standard mouse and keyboard controls fans of the series are used to.

AaaAAa!! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) is due out soon – pending Apple approval – for the iOS devices.

-Source: Dejobaan Games

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