a life well wasted

If you’re reading this post, it’s a fair assumption to make that, like us, you love video games. If you do, then you quite simply have to check out ‘A Life Well Wasted’ – An internet radio show about games, and the people who love them. Hosted by ex-EGM writer Robert Ashley, ‘A Life Well Wasted’, for me, encapsulates video gaming. It’s funny, heartfelt, often sad, and overall an amazing audio experience.

And the next episode could include YOU!

Earlier today, the ALWW website was updated to read:

I want to hear your game idea. Good or bad, serious or not-so-serious. Record your game pitch (with a short introduction–just your name and hometown), and drop it in my SoundCloud inbox below. I’m going to use these recordings in episode 6 of A Life Well Wasted.

Things to remember;

1) Keep it short – Under two minutes.
2) Keep it ‘real’ – Just because you understand the minutia of a particular aspect of gaming, doesn’t mean everybody else will!
3) Keep it honest – You’re your own person, why pretend to be someone you’re not? You’re awesome just the way you are.
4) Good Luck!

On the off-chance you haven’t been able to check out the show yet, I highly recommend you do. Then, submit your audio files via the website, and hope for the best!

Have you listened to A Life Well Wasted before? Do you have any other podcast recommendations?

Source: A Life Well Wasted