Ubisoft Announces Kinect Fighting Game ‘The Fighter Within’

By | 3 years ago 

Microsoft was out in full force at this year’s Gamescom with new and exciting content for the Xbox One. Heading into their press conference Tuesday morning we knew that they had at least one Xbox One exclusive lined up for an official unveil, but they were actually quite a few reveals and announcements made during their presentation.

Overall, Microsoft’s presentation for E3 2013 was filled with many more reveals and first party exclusives, but their Gamescom presser was no slouch either. In fact, their presentation favored Kinect titles more than E3 did.

One of those titles is The Fighter Within, a new Kinect game from Ubisoft that seeks to deliver on the motion control promise made back when the first Kinect was announced. The game was actually hinted at by some Microsoft domain registrations and a leaked game description last week, and now we know it’s real.

As the name implies, The Fighter Within is a fighting game that registers 1-to-1 movements from the player. In other words, when the player kicks or punches, their on-screen avatar kicks or punches.

However, a leaked video of the game’s Gamescom demo shows that the actions might not be totally 1-to-1, despite what Ubisoft said at the press conference. Yes, the game registers punches and kicks, but not nearly as accurately as we’d imagined.

Although not much is known about The Fighter Within, we do know that the Kinect game is in development at Daoka with Ubisoft set to publish. The game reportedly supports local multiplayer thanks to the new Kinect sensor and is set to hit the Xbox One this Fall. Our guess is that The Fighter Within is a launch title, but we don’t know at this point.

Media will be getting hands-on with The Fighter Within at Gamescom later today, so we should be hearing more about the game very soon.

Details are slim, but what do you think of The Fighter Within? Does it a sound like a game you might be interested in?

The Fighter Within releases Fall 2013 exclusively for the Xbox One.