Sony New PS4 and PS3

Sony is certainly enjoying a good week right now with the announcement that the PlayStation 4 has continued to outsell the Xbox One, with the PlayStation Now beta also arriving for the PS4. As if that weren’t enough good news for Sony fans, it seems like an updated version of both the PS4 and PS3 models may be on the cards. The company registered two new models with the Indonesian Ministry of Communications, where their model numbers became public knowledge. While none of this confirms new revisions of the consoles, it’s certainly a strong hint that Sony seems to be revving up to announce impending upgrades.

The first model registered has a model number of CUH-1106A. The current Asian model of the PlayStation 4 is registered under the number of CUH-1006A, which is all but identical save for one digit – implying that the newly registered model will be an improved version of the old. Dualshockers has pointed out that the last letter of the model number indicates a hard-drive type, which in this case hasn’t changed, implying that this hypothetical PS4 doesn’t sport a larger hard drive than the standard version. Still, the possibility of improvements to an already-strong console are exciting. Perhaps they reduced the power consumption?

Sony New PlayStation

The second listing looks to be an updated to the PlayStation 3. The specifications details a model number called CECH-4306CH, which looks to be a later version of current Super Slim model on markets today (CECH-4001A). If we had to guess, we’d say that a more affordable and possibly sleeker PlayStation 3 will be announced at E3 2014 this year, allowing shoppers on a budget to enjoy the product ahead of the holiday window.

While Microsoft has been busy on the software and subscription side of things, they haven’t announced anything in regards to hardware changes. If Sony end up announcing newer models this year, Microsoft may be forced to do the same for their Xbox models.

What do you think, Ranters? Do the numbers lie, or is Sony preparing to improve their console product line-up?

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Source: VG247