Dogecoin Car to Feature in ‘NASCAR 14’

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NASCAR Dogecoin

Those familiar with the burgeoning cyptocurrencies of the online world might be trendy to things like Bitcoin, which exploded onto mainstream media a year ago after a dramatic rise in value. Several smaller currencies have risen in an attempt to burst out of its shadow, and dogecoin – yes, named after the meme – exploded onto the NASCAR scene by sponsoring and designing a car about a month ago. After hosting a public vote with several alternative designs, a prominent Dogecoin Car design was selected and painted, being driven by NASCAR driver Josh Wise days later at the Aarons 499 in Talladega.

Given that dogecoin is based off a meme related to an awkward-looking shiba inu dog, both racing outfit and car ascertained a huge following both before and after the race. Recognizing that this unique design brings in a crowd outside of the usual NASCAR demographic, developer Eutechnyx announced that the car would be available as downloadable content in NASCAR 14. There isn’t any pricing information for the DLC yet, but we imagine it will be the most popular piece of downloadable content Deep Silver’s NASCAR franchise has seen in quite some time.

NASCAR Dogecoin Car

Before Reddit came about in a dogecoin fundraiser to sponsor the car, driver Josh Wise had been struggling to attain funding for his team and vehicle. Having not known the meme beforehand, Wise was both surprised and grateful for how quickly the online community rallied behind the car, which understandably brought a lot of new NASCAR fans into the mix:

Watching this whole thing come to life from the beginning has been crazy. The support of the Reddit and Dogecoin community is just mind boggling, and now we are sitting here with the Dogecoin community’s “Moon Rocket”!

What do you think about the design, Ranters? Do you think it’s a funny and unique addition, or would you prefer internet memes to keep out of the sports and business worlds?

NASCAR 14 is currently available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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