Eighty Percent of Gamers are Okay With Wearing 3D Glasses

Gamers Okay With 3D Glasses

With 3D televisions beginning to flood retail shelves and the impending release of Nintendo’s 3DS, the war between “glasses” and “no glasses” 3D is starting to heat up. Coincidentally, or maybe not, self-proclaimed “first and only stereoscopic 3D Certification and Advocacy group” Meant to be Seen has just released some preliminary data from their U-Decide Initiative that hopes to shed some light on the topic.

The study, which took place over a period of just around three months and polled a total of 1,169 gamers, shows that 80% of gamers are willing to wear glasses while playing 3D video games or watching 3D Blu-ray movies. Have a look for yourself:

3D Glasses Poll Chart

One of the biggest stigmas surrounding 3D home entertainment is the need for the glasses. This data does indeed suggest that gamers wouldn’t have as big a problem with wearing glasses while playing or watching a movie, which is good news for upcoming 3D enabled games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5, and Killzone 3. What’s interesting to note here is the fairly huge drop in interest when it comes to watching sports or regular television.

It could be speculated that since playing games and watching movies are activities in which the participant is trying to obtain the greatest sense of immersion possible, making the extra effort to put on the glasses is worth it. Just sitting down to flip through the channels probably doesn’t warrant the need for them. Another reason for this outcome could be that, for many people, gaming remains a solo activity. There is no need to worry about glasses for three or four friends when you are the only one in the room playing.

As many of our whip-smart readers are probably aware, statistics can often have a spin to them. In my opinion, these are definitely no different. First, the data was collected from a fairly small sample of an already small demographic when compared to everyone who watches television or movies and might be interested in 3D. It’s also no secret that gamers and gadget geeks often intersect and are willing to try out the newest tech, no matter what. Secondly, MTBS’s partners on this poll were companies like Panasonic, EA and Ubisoft. Why would they want you to be excited about 3D? Remember that companies like EA have already stated that they thought premium pricing would be possible for 3D content, and wouldn’t you know it, they have a chart for that too!

3D Premium Cost Chart

The study makes sure to point out that when it comes to paying extra for 3D, “Just under 40% are comfortable with the $3 to $5 range…” However, looking closely, “just under 40%” actually comes out to 37.14%, which is really just under the 37.69% of those polled who said they wouldn’t be willing to pay a premium at all. But that just happened to be left out.

The bottom line is that 3D home entertainment is still an emerging technology, and any data trying to sway your opinion of it one way or the other should be taken with a grain of salt.

But since we’re asking the questions, what do you think? Are you willing to throw on a pair of glasses while you’re playing? How about while you’re watching television? And how much of a premium, if any, would you be willing to pay for that extra dimension?

Via: Meant to be Seen

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