Freddie Wong has become sort of a staple in video game related internet videos. With the impeding release of the hoaky mashup story of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Mr. Wong felt it best to convey the story in 8-bit form. What was delivered was pure gold.

Typically, Freddie Wong sticks to live-action videos, showing off fancy gunplay and integrating heavy special effects — as seen in his video for motion control gaming. Most notably, his video game realted work can be seen in a live-action Battlefield 3 commercial, the Resistance-themed future of motion controls video and of course the infamous don’t play inverted public service announcement.

The 8-bit rendition of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter steps away from Wong’s comfort zone using actors and cameras and instead is entirely animated, with the perfect amount of detail that it actually looks (plays?) like a real 8-bit game from the ’80s.

8 Bit Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Establishing the world created by author Seth Grahame-Smith as a 2D side-scrolling action game, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actually works pretty well as a video game concept, especially in 8-bit form. The 8-bit version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has everything a gamer could ask for. The cheesy gore, the animated special move, and Mary Todd Lincoln make a perfect trifecta for this short. Also, the fact that Freddie developed a bonus stage is hilarious.

The concept for this film and story are completely far-fetched. After the most recent trailer released for the film ludicrously weaved in a Linkin Park song, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter needed something to make it tad more appealing, and Freddie Wong did right by it. We eagerly await the first gameplay reveal for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theaters this weekend, Friday, June 22.

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