With the Wii 2 now officially confirmed by Nintendo to be under development for an E3 reveal, our minds can take a break from wondering if and when the company would finally get around to releasing a home console geared more towards the fans of their competitors as opposed to a more casual audience. But with Nintendo guilty of making some mistakes in the past, our thoughts aren’t just filled with optimism over everything that ‘Project Cafe’ could be. We’re also afraid of the Japanese manufacturer using this launch to make the past mistakes look like minor slip-ups.

Don’t mistake our concerns for trolling, or betting against Nintendo’s next console. If the hardware is advanced as some rumors suggest, the Wii 2/Nintendo Stream could be a dream come true. But with major opportunities come major risks.

While the DS and 3DS gambles seem to already be paying off, the scale of a home console is much greater, especially when your competition happens to be run by Microsoft and Sony. So while some would like to think that Nintendo is set to show the world why they were at one time the be-all end-all of video game makers, we’ve constructed a list of the potential Wii 2-disasters that keep us up at night.

#8. Mario HD

Mario HD Wii 2 Fears

We’re certainly not going to suggest that Nintendo doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing with every Mario title, even though the simple mention of Super Mario Sunshine would prove that point to many of you. But we have yet to see Mario in a next-gen incarnation. More polished than ever on the Wii, sure, but you can’t deny that the style and sensibilities that gave birth to the¬†mustachioed plumber have evolved by leaps and bounds in the past decade.

Nintendo certainly wouldn’t be obtuse enough to shoehorn Mario into a dark and gritty Western-ized action platformer. But even President Satoru Iwata acknowledges that worldwide tastes in games have shifted strongly towards photorealism. As far as side-scrollers go, Super Mario earns his title. He even showed with the Super Mario Galaxy series that he can own the third dimension like nobody’s business.

But a game as segmented and stage-based as most Super Mario titles goes against nearly every law of modern gaming, which state that large scale environments and free-wheeling gameplay are king. The game could be fantastic, but whether you choose to accept it or not, Mario HD would be taking a flying leap into uncertainty.

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