New 7 Days to Die Trailer Highlights Split-Screen Co-Op

7 Days To Die Trailer

Telltale Games shows off the multiplayer capabilities of 7 Days To Die with a new trailer that highlights both online and local multiplayer functionality.

Although the studio is known most for its own productions, Telltale Games made the surprise reveal that it would be publishing a console edition of 7 Days To Die, a survival horror title that has been in development by The Fun Pimps for several years on the PC. The open world title puts players in the role of a survivor who must scrounge the land for supplies and build their own base ahead of each seventh night, when the zombie hordes come in full force.

The 7 Days To Die console announcement was accompanied by a live action trailer, and thus far the game seems to have caught the interest of both survival horror fans and creative builders. Now, Telltale Games has released a more gameplay-centric trailer, which focuses on gory multiplayer action. Players can log online and begin building (or raiding) bases together, adding both a player-versus-player and a co-op element to the existing player-versus-environment world.

The main attraction of the trailer below isn't just standard multiplayer gameplay, however, but rather the inclusion of a couch co-op multiplayer. Since the last console generation, most games have favored online multiplayer as opposed to supporting local multiplayer, so the ability for two players to sit down on the same console and play the game is sure to be a big hit among zombie survival fans.

Take a gander at the trailer below to experience the multiplayer action:


As the last portion of the video shows, interested gamers will be able to pick up a copy of 7 Days To Die on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting June 28th. Since the console edition of the game is published by Telltale Games, those who pre-order the title will also get character skins for popular The Walking Dead characters Lee Everett and Michonne.

The trailer for Telltale Games' latest undead acquisition is hardly the only zombie title to make an appearance during E3 2016, and joins a line-up of post-apocalyptic titles like Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, and Days Gone. While State of Decay has certain base-building mechanics to it, 7 Days To Die is the only game that will allow players to craft their own buidlings by combining several materials in a block-based system similar to Minecraft.

What do you think of the above trailer, Ranters?

7 Days To Die will arrive to the PS4 and Xbox One on June 28. The game is also available now via Steam Early Access.

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