65% More Bullet Per Bullet in 'Portal 2' Turrets Trailer

Portal 2 Trailer Turrets

Once again, the trustworthy geniuses at Aperture Science have identified a need in the consumer marketplace and addressed it. How many times have said to yourself, "I sure would sleep better at night if a deadly robotic arms system kept watch over my sleeping infant child"? I know, me too. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Aperture, in conjunction with Valve and Portal 2, has developed just such a system. I give you, Turrets.

As you will soon see, Turrets combine cutting edge arms technology with modern, attractive patterns that are sure to look good in any room of your home or office. And with the expertise of Aperture Science behind them, Turrets are a product you know you can believe in -- that's why Valve was so keen on showcasing Turrets in the soon to be released video game Portal 2.

But don't take my word for it. To answer any questions you may have, our friends at Aperture Science have produced an informative and thought-provoking video demonstration of their latest consumer technology. It is my great personal privilege to present to you, Turrets.


Sixty-five percent more bullet per bullet? No doubt about it friend, that's a lot of bullet. After their success in demonstrating that Bots are more trustworthy than humans, Turrets really do seem to be the next logical step for Aperture. Those of you who are unwilling or unable to experience Aperture Science's Turret technology in person may wish to consider experiencing it virtually in the upcoming video game Portal 2.

Portal 2 promises to be substantially less frustrating than the original Portal, and with an E10 rating from the ESRB, it's sure to be fun for the whole family. Consumers who require a bit more information before committing to a purchase may wish to explore Portal 2's single player demo, or read an interview with Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw. Whatever your choice, rest assured that Portal 2, and the full line of Valve and Aperture Science products, is designed with care and precision to give you lifetime of enjoyment, however long -- or short -- that might be.

Portal 2 releases April 19, 2011, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, and PC.

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