After an epic victory in Super Bowl XLVI by the New York Giants, another NFL season has come and gone. However, even elated Giants fans and dejected Patriots fans will eventually turn their attention to the 2012 season, and for gamers, this means that yet another edition of Madden NFL will put on the pads come the month of August.

Last year, we gave Madden 12 a 3.5 out of 5 — offline franchise depth and gameplay tweaks combined for a serviceable NFL experience — but a lot of room existed for improvement. Game Rant has compiled a list of six such improvements we think EA Sports would do well to include in Madden 13, ranging from presentation and gameplay to the title’s competitive online world.

So, without further pregame banter, let’s tee this one up and kickoff! We can only hope to be as foreboding as Madden’s Super Bowl simulations, which have now nailed seven out of their last nine predictions.

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