A fighting game loving father uploads a video illustrating that Street Fighter V‘s notoriously easy story mode is so easy, that even his 6-month-old baby can beat it.

Like any franchise with a rabid fan following, gamers had plenty to say about Capcom’s Street Fighter V when it hit shelves. While many longtime fans were quick to point out that the game’s online mode was lacking, or that the game shipped in a very barebones state, there were plenty of gamers that defended Street Fighter V as a step forward for the long running series. While the general opinion on the game is varied, there is one complaint on which all gamers seem to agree: Street Fighter V’s story mode is laughably easy. So easy, in fact, that even a baby can beat it.

While Capcom has promised that SFV will receive a cinematic story mode update sometime in June, the game’s current story mode has been criticized for its shortness, boring stories, and ridiculously easy difficulty. Capcom has been quick to defend the game’s story mode, and has even discussed implementing a difficulty option for the mode, but fighting game fans have labeled the story mode “baby easy.” And it turns out that label is very accurate.

In a video posted on March 11th, YouTuber Papapaint decided to show just how easy Street Fighter V’s story mode is by letting his 6-month-old son play through as Birdie. The game-loving father simply holds his baby up, and lets the baby slap haphazardly at a fight stick. As the video shows, the baby manages to throw punches, kicks, special moves, taunts, and even manages to unleash an EX’d version of Birdie’s charging headbutt, the Bull Horn.

After two minutes of randomly slapping buttons, the baby manages to actually beat the game’s story mode, but not before coming close to losing to Karin Kanzuki in the final match after losing interest in slapping the buttons.

YouTube users were quick to declare the video fake, but Papapaint refuted the allegations, stating in the video’s description:

“I’m too busy to waste time trying to fake my baby beating a sh*t-easy story mode by mashing random buttons.”

Fighting game fans have begun to rally around the street fighting baby, with commenters declaring “Baby for EVO 2016,” while others pushed for the baby to take on Lupe Fiasco after the rapper’s surprise victory in SFV over Diago Umehara.

With many calling Street Fighter V incomplete, Capcom has plenty of issues to address in the game in the coming months. While new characters such as Alex will likely take precedence, it might be wise to tune up the story mode to make it a little more challenging, unless Capcom is looking to corner the burgeoning “fighting games for babies” market.