Written by Game Rant‘s Andrew Dyce and Anthony Taormina.

E3 2012 has come and gone, and with it, another batch of press conferences, cinematic trailers, gameplay demonstrations and efforts by each publisher and developer to catch just a bit more of the spotlight. Some managed to do just that exceedingly well, but no E3 would be complete without a few missteps, a few blown opportunities, and several decisions that had gamers everywhere scratching their heads.

Not every moment of E3 2012 was golden, even if the rest of the show was full of fantastic announcements, gameplay demos, and even surprise sequels or brand new IP. And while most of the moments we took issue with will likely be soon forgotten, or go on to be wise business decisions, there’s no denying the disappointment and horror that was experienced the moment they were unveiled.

There’s a good chance that those who paid close attention to the events will share our frustration and confusion as we offer the 5 moments of this year’s show that were, undeniably, the worst.

Scripted Banter

E3 2012 Worst Moments - Scripted Banter

The concept of scripted banter itself is counterintuitive to be putting on a live show in the first place. It doesn’t encourage on-the-fly thinking, nor does it give off the sense that any of the people playing these games care about the product in front of them. There were several moments of scripted conversations scattered amongst each of the big three’s press conferences but the most egregious crimes go to Microsoft’s demo of Madden 13‘s Kinect functionality and the brief 3DS details during Nintendo’s event.

Joe Montana is one of, if not the, greatest football players in history, but he’s also not that great of an orator. His demo of Madden NFL 13 wasn’t all bad, it is Joe Montana after all. But his inability to make the play calling feel natural, and his post-demo claim of: “this brings back some great memories, and I just might have an advantage being a quarterback at this new Madden stuff” was clearly Microsoft trying to get the Hall of Famer to express enthusiasm, but instead it felt like my grandpa talking about “vidya games.”

That awkward interaction, unfortunately, looked like a live performance of Shakespeare at The Old Globe when compared to Reggie Fils-Aime’s witty banter with Scott Moffitt. Since Nintendo’s Press Conference was primarily focused on the Wii U, Moffitt was only given about five minutes to hype up the 3DS’ upcoming slate. The obviously disappointed Moffitt wanted to make sure Fils-Aime knew he felt slighted. His retort? “Thanks a lot Reggie! A couple of minutes? Where’s the love?” Cue the groans.

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