Mass Effect 3 Normandy Shot Down

Ask a fan of Mass Effect where the series ranks in the echelons of gaming bliss, and chances are they’ll have it ranked right up towards the top. Ask a Mass Effect detractor where the game goes astray, and they’ll point to minor flaws in combat, narrative, or RPG elements — but nothing that depicts a second rate gaming experience. With Mass Effect 3 set to release on March 6, it’s being branded as the most infallible installment of the series to date, with nary a flaw to get in Commander Shepard’s way.

So we made some up.

With all the hype and all the promise, we decided to fly through the Alternate Universe Mass Relay for a second and imagine that BioWare didn’t have the best grasping on how conclude the Reaper crisis. Just what would it take to turn Mass Effect 3 into an abject and abysmal failure? Read on to find out!

[Warning: One potential spoiler to Mass Effect 1 exists in Part 3.]

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