5-Minute 'Rage' Gameplay Trailer With A Side of Screenshots

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Bethesda Softworks, being generous, has released a media care package for the id Software-developed FPS, Rage, including a bevy of screenshots and a 5-minute peek at gameplay.

Known for FPS heavy-hitting classics, Doom and Quake, id Software's upcoming Rage, has a bit of a challenge in living up to its legendary predecessors. Rage also serves as the studio's poster boy for their new engine, id Tech 5, which will be used exclusively in Bethesda titles. One look at this trailer shows that they are right to be proud, as Rage is one of the most graphically impressive games we've seen. The screenshots are one thing, but seeing it all in motion during gameplay is even better.

This trailer starts with the character getting a mission to go into the Dead City, named such for its burned out and collapsed buildings, rubble-choked streets, and homicidal mutants, in order to find parts for a defibrillator. Visually, it's all very Fallout-like. The gameplay however, feels more like a traditional action shooter but with a little bit of a twist. After speeding into the city in a modded-up buggy, the hero enters the Dead City and after about 3 seconds is attacked by mutants. The player quickly steps forward to drop an automated turret, and then steps back to gain some distance and take some shots. between the turret and his steady aim, the first few mutants meet their ends rather quickly. The game doesn't let him off that easy though, and soon a Super Mutant... er... that is, a larger mutant smashes through a wall and smashes the turret to bits, and proceeds to attempt to do the same to the player.


The trailer showcases a wide range of weapons, and their advantages against the different enemy types. The basic mutants in the trailer proved vulnerable to standard weapons such as the assault rifle or shotgun, the larger variant seemed practically unstoppable... until eating a rocket. The weapons seem pretty standard, though things can be mixed up with the use of different ammo types, as can be seen in the video when the player unloads some death into a mutant via the pistol fitted with some burst-fire rounds.

The gameplay seems to be approached from the same angle that Crysis was, namely, giving the player more than one way to deal with their enemies. There have been some issues over the game's length, supposedly taking "about 15 hours to complete" while being spread out onto two discs for the 360 version. The graphics are maybe a factor there, but it does suggest that while the main content will fit into 15 hours, the game will feature plenty of side quests and optional content.

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The Rage trailer also announces the Anarchy Edition, free for anyone who pre-orders from Gamestop, Amazon, Steam or Direct-to-Drive. It includes four exclusive in-game items: the Double Barrel Shotgun, Crimson Elite Armor, Fists of RAGE, and the Rat Rod Buggy, all pictured below.

RAGE, releases on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC on September 13, 2011.

Source: Bethesda Softworks, ScrawlFX

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