5 Important 'Battlefield 3' Multiplayer Tips

5 Tips For Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Now that Battlefield 3 is in full swing and more and more people are inhabiting multiplayer, what better time than to share with you some important tips to maximize your online experience. Some of these suggestions might seem evident for players of previous Battlefield games, but some people who are new to the franchise or have spent more time playing Call of Duty, these might help beginners turn into more seasoned players.

The single player of Battlefield 3 might not have been its strong suit, but our Battlefield 3 review solidified the multiplayer experience as something that's incredible and worthy of everyone's attention. What other game lets you experience all aspects of a realistic skirmish with vehicles and infantry? Killstreaks do not count, by the way.

Modern Warfare 3 will also be attempting to switch up their own gameplay to reflect more supportive/team based gameplay by introducing Strike Packages. The competition between the two shooters is sure to be fierce this holiday and fans are going to be in contention to advocate that their favorite game is going to be the winner by year's end. Unusually, video game analyst Michael Pachter postulates that sales of Modern Warfare 3 will help bolster Battlefield 3 sales, which could result in some interesting fluctuations.

Between the two, Battlefield 3 has been focusing on being more authentic side of warfare. Some people have taken that ball and run a long way with it, including one man who developed an actual Battlefield 3 simulator where players are truly immersed in the action. It's so real, you even get hit by paintballs if you're hit in the game.

Multiplayer in Battlefield 3 is where people will spend a lot of their time, undoubtedly. However, given the scale of the maps, it can be pretty daunting. Battlefield 3 shouldn't be considered a fast-paced or "twitch" shooter like Call of Duty. Yes, being fast on the trigger helps you win gun fights, but the art of Battlefield 3 comes in thinking strategically and utilizing the human factor, that is to say teamwork. We'll get into that later, first let's start with this:

1. This is not Call of Duty

Yes, this was mentioned earlier, but there should be a little more emphasis on this. Call of Duty's shooter experience is more geared toward the players who enjoy constant action. If you think about it, the average lifespan of a player (excluding players like Sandy Ravage) can be just under 60 seconds or so. Not to discount that CoD is capable of tactical play, but if you're running around the areas where people usually frequent, gun fights are bound to happen 90% of the time. Map size has a lot to do with this.

5 Battlefield Tips Don't Be A Lone Wolf

When playing Battlefield 3, there are often times where enemies may not be encountered for quite a while, and you might want to just sprint toward the action as soon as possible. The problem with that kind of approach is if you die, then you have to start all over from far away (or maybe not, if you spawn on a squad member), resulting in you wanting to get all the way back to the action because you might be mad you were killed. Then you die again. The cycle repeats and then, all of a sudden, your team is out of tickets (if you're attacking).

Being patient is one of the tenants of playing Battlefield games, the sooner you get used to it, the sooner you can excel. Players shouldn't be worried about their K/D ratio and more focused on supporting the team and helping contribute to overall victory.

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