Godzilla Intro

Now that Godzilla is set to demolish box offices the world over, there doesn’t appear to be any real threat to the gargantuan iguana’s supremacy. While monsters try to thwart the reptile in his latest movie, we’re already dreaming up some combatants from video games that could toe-to-toe with what is arguably the greatest kaiju of all time.

Securing victory over Godzilla is far from an easy feat, but we’ve compiled a list of five iconic gaming beasts that stand the best odds of defeating Toho’s legendary monster. While it’s possible, if not likely, that the jolly green lizard could defeat each and every participant on this list (he is Godzilla after all), there’s no question that we’d buy front row tickets to see a battle royale go down between any of these warriors.

Without further ado, here’s Game Rant‘s list of 5 gaming monsters that could take on Godzilla.

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