5 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (And 5 That Are Completely Pointless)

Given the customizable and portable nature of Nintendo's home console handheld hybrid, Switch is a perfect machine to augment with some accessories. But because of these attributes, a number of companies have flooded the market with seemingly endless electronic and plastic add-ons.

As the variance of Amazon reviews might show you, these products have been cranked out to very mixed results. Some have proven useful and a bargain to boot, while plenty of others are cumbersome, strange, or just not worth the price. With this cluster of peripherals and accessories, both from Nintendo and third parties, it can be tough to sift through the mess and pick out worthwhile additions for your machine.

With that said, let's switch on as we examine the 5 best Switch accessories you can pick up, and 5 that are utterly pointless.

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10 Pointless: Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel

When it comes to Wii and its focus of motion-controlled games like Mario Kart Wii, an accessory like this plastic wheel tends to make more sense. But given the Switch's tinier Joy-Cons and the console's emphasis on handheld functionality vs motion, this just seems like a silly investment.

Not only is the $15 price for a glorified circular piece of plastic ridiculous, but the small size of the wheel also makes it incredibly awkward to use for anyone approaching adult-sized hands. And how many notable racing games does Switch currently have aside from Mario Kart, anyway? At least opt for a larger 3rd party variant rather than the Nintendo brand wheel if you're that keen on motion-controlled racing.

9 Best: RDX Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

Despite the ease of the compact Switch's portability, the abundance of games and accessories it uses can make for a cluttered, cumbersome mess when traveling around with it. You can certainly toss them in a backpack if you're willing to risk scratching your screen from everything rattling around.

Or you can just make the worthy $20 investment for this handy carrying case. It's an impressively well-designed case that feels secure and strong. It houses a surprising amount of compartments for how small it is. You've got two plastic cases that can hold 8 game cards, a snug zippable space for your console as well as extra Joy-Cons, and a zipped pouch for miscellaneous small Switch goodies.

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8 Pointless: PDP Screen Protector Kit

When it comes to cheap and useful Switch accessories - a quality screen protector, like amFilm's Tempered Glass Screen Protector, isn't just a smart investment but a borderline essential one. After all, the Switch screen you're given is the one you're stuck with, so you certainly don't want to scratch it.

However, you'll want to steer clear of the PDP-made Screen Protector, which is ironically the one recognized by Nintendo as the "official" brand.

The cheap and flimsy material makes it virtually impossible to apply to your screen without creating pesky air bubbles. Even super delicate, precise attempts will at least yield a few.

7 Best: TNP Dock Station Charging Stand With Power Adapter

This is a neat and useful device in that it essentially functions as a separate Switch dock. It's like picking up a brand new, unique looking console, which can still project your Switch's output onto your TV just like the officially made Nintendo dock can. Whether you've misplaced or broke your original dock, or simply want a convenient way to swap your machine out from one TV to another, this TNP station serves as a cool little accessory. It's surprisingly cheap too, given its ability to project and charge your console, at a meager $29 via Amazon.

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6 Pointless: Speedlink V-Grip 2-In-One Handle

Taking its place as one of the rarer, more obscure items on our list, this product is apparently made exclusively in the Netherlands. The extra grip seems to make some sense, but the bizarre angle or v-shape, as indicated in the title,seems not only pointless but quite awkward to use.

Perhaps they're going for an angled keyboard-type approach, as this spacing of the keys is meant to make for more comfortable typing given the hands' positioning. Yet, this isn't really how the hands are positioned when holding up a controller. In fact, it looks even less comfortable, as each hand is forced to unnaturally tilt far outwards.

5 Best: 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

Thanks to the versatility of Switch's USB-C input and Bluetooth technology, there are a variety of controller options gamers can toy with, both from Nintendo and third party companies. Yet, the coolest, most well-crafted has to be 8Bitdo's SF30 Pro Controller. The controller models its design the Super NES controller, while adding efficient Playstation-style thumbsticks comfortably placed right beneath the buttons.

The controller comes with an impressive list of functions - with its wireless/Bluetooth support, rumble, and even motion control capabilities. And while it yields a relatively steep price of $40-$45, you can milk plenty of use out of it with its reliable hardware and functionality with other platforms besides Switch.

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4 Pointless: Tennis Rackets For Joy-Cons

If you thought Nintendo's small plastic wheel was useless, try this cheap plastic tennis racket, which is fastened around a Joy-Con. This thing is apparently meant to enhance your Mario Tennis experience, which is odd given that the game's emphasis on motion controls are pretty minuscule. On top of this, Switch barely sports any other tennis games on its console, let alone those with motion functionality. But I guess, if you've got a toddler that really gets a kick out of Mario Tennis Aces, I suppose shelling out for this toy for the price of a fast-food lunch isn't that crazy...

3 Best: HORI D-Pad Zelda/Mario/Pikachu (L) Controller

Retro gamers and lovers of D-Pads rejoice! You've finally got a solid means to enjoy some of your favorite sidescrollers, fighters, and 2D indie titles on Switch in stylish way. The Zelda skinned Joy-Con, in particular, is a work of art.

These Hori-made products are licensed by Nintendo, and have a pretty good track record, ensuring you can rely on quality products here. By most accounts, these Joy-Cons work and feel great, and the D-Pad feels solid. And for 15 bucks, what have you got to lose? However, these Joy-Cons have limitations. They are solely left Cons, are only functional in handheld mode, and don't come with rumble or motion. This is purely meant as an intuitive and cooler way to game in handheld mode and for its function it gets the job done.

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2 Pointless: "Comfortable Hands-Free Stand"

One can certainly tell why this product never made it out of Japan, given its goofy look and bulky nature. The so-called "Comfortable Hands-Free Stand" essentially allows you to play handheld mode without holding the Switch. But why exactly would you want to do that? Especially given the heaping mess of a harness draped across your head like some sort of hospital sling.

And most people wouldn't dare go out in public with this thing, which eliminates much of the portability factor in the first place. I suppose if someone that adamant on playing Switch on-the-go while using a pro controller, and does not care about their  self-image, then I guess it is worth it?

1 Best: FastSnail Controller Charger

There are a number of options at your disposal when it comes to controller stands and charging stations. So why not opt for an accessory that covers both of these bases and does so efficiently?

The FastSnail Controller Charger is a device that manages to be both handy and versatile. It can house 4 separate Joy-Cons, or 2 Joy-Cons and a pro controller. The neatest aspect of this device is that it comes equipped with lights paired with each of the 4 charging docks, which change from green to red when fully charge. This makes for a convenient indicator to alert you that the charges are complete and looks pretty awesome to boot!

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