A 4Chan post leaks titles of several Nintendo Switch games a few hours before launch and gets most of them right, including Splatoon 2 and the new Zelda.

One of the most hyped consoles in history, the Nintendo Switch, was officially detailed last night to much excitement. There was much speculation beforehand regarding its price, the hardware it would run on, and the games the new handheld would carry, but the person who ended up getting it right the most was a poster on 4Chan, the anonymous messaging board famous for being the hotbed of everything weird on the Internet.

The person in question was working one of Nintendo’s launch events for the Switch, though they would not say which one to protect themselves. With their insider status, they posted a list of games they saw promotional material for a few hours before the Switch live stream started. Though they were not able to predict each of the 15 games that are part of the Nintendo Switch launch, they got quite a few right, including Splatoon 2, and were able to provide some detail on a few others.

switch 4chan peek

Though Nintendo is unlikely to be happy about this little leak a few hours before its big launch, the post likely set hearts aflutter as more details finally emerged about the Switch. The Japanese game giant was incredible close-mouthed during the entire development process, causing many Switch rumors to pop up all over the Internet, then die a quiet death after others proved them unfounded.

The official launch yesterday finally put all rumors to bed and everyone now knows for certain that the Switch will cost $299 in North America and will be available there from March 3, 2017. Nintendo’s announcement that the battery life of the Switch will be between 2.5 and 6 hours is uncomfortably vague, but it did shed some more light on the handheld. Nintendo also announced a slew of games for their new semi-handheld console, details of which are emerging at a steady pace.

Though so far not every title on the Switch wish list is present, the lineup is looking great with titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the aforementioned Splatoon 2. Also available will be Xenoblade Chronicles 2, one of the handful of titles our anonymous poster didn’t catch a glimpse of while setting up for Nintendo. Whether they will ever be found out as the leak is rather unlikely as 4Chan is one of the truly anonymous places on the Internet, but there are plenty of Nintendo fans out there likely grateful for the info.

The Nintendo Switch will arrive in North America on March 3, 2017.

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