Metro 2033 Last Light To Fix The Issues Of The Previous Game

Atmosphere is one of the most frequently overlooked game elements in the industry. A compelling, immersive atmosphere can make an otherwise routine or broken game much more entertaining. Such was the case with Metro 2033.

While the game suffered from numerous bugs that were game-breaking at times, it still received favorable reviews due to the compelling underground world it pulled gamers into. For the next game in the series, Metro: Last Light, developer 4A Games promises that the issues that plagued the first game will be fixed.

In developing a sequel for the buggy Metro 2033, 4A Games have detailed three ultimate goals for the project. The first of which is to “keep what works.” Since the first game succeeded in providing gamers with a completely unique survival horror experience, it would not make sense to remove the tone. Like the previous game, Last Light will follow post-apocalyptic survivor Artyom as he fights to prevent war from breaking out in the Moscow Metro tunnels that the human race calls home.

While the first game attempted to blend together action and stealth, the execution ended up flawed. Like the survival horror elements and the chilling atmosphere that they will be retaining, 4A Games plans to make better use of these different gameplay styles – ensuring that they are better explained and are more fun than they are frustrating.

The second goal that 4A Games has for the development of Last Light is to “fix what’s broken.” As stated above, the first game attempted to mix up its gameplay by introducing stealth-based segments. While these were a novel idea and provided a fun experience some of the time, there were bugs present that would reduce the segments to a frustrating mess.

While the developers have not explained how they intend to iron out all of the glitches and bugs that plagued Metro 2033, they have promised that Last Light will provide a much smoother gaming experience, devoid of constant hiccups – like getting stuck in walls and crucial animations becoming locked in endless loops.

The final goal that the team has for Last Light is to “make it look amazing.” The first game, while buggy, still managed to be a truly beautiful game with a tense atmosphere; Just look at the game’s trailer. 4A Games still intends to improve on it though. They want Metro: Last Light to become the best-looking console game on the market. This is quite a grand statement with competition like Crysis 2 and the upcoming Gears Of War 3. Still, if the first game is any indication, 4A Games knows how to generate a truly chilling atmosphere and will no doubt impress gamers when Last Light launches.

What were your thoughts on the original Metro 2033? Do you think Last Light will be able to rival games like Crysis 2 in terms of graphics?

Metro: Last Light is due out sometime in 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: IGN