40% Off a One Year Xbox Live Membership and a Bonus Halo: Reach Noble 6 Avatar Helmet

Sale on Xbox Live Gold Memberships

A decent amount of you were probably a little disheartened to learn that Microsoft will soon be cranking up the cost on Xbox Live by $10, and understandably so. Fortunately, the house that Bill Gates built isn't heartless and to celebrate the successful launch of Halo: Reach they are offering an exclusive deal that will give you 40% off of one year Xbox Live membership, but wait that's not all, you will also get the extremely limited and highly sought after Halo: Reach Noble 6 helmet for your avatar.

This offer can only be accessed via the Xbox Live market place with a credit card, so if you have terrible credit you may miss out. There's currently no time set that this Reach themed offer will expire, but rest assured that it likely won't last very long at all. The total financial damages that the blowout sale will have on your wallet is a measly $30, which is a phenomenal deal for an entire year of Xbox Live, and you'd be crazy not to take advantage of the offer!

I still have over 7 months left in my Xbox Live subscription, but I may just buy an extra year to save me money down the road. It's an okay deal, and PS3 owners will likely boast that they pay nothing for their service. It's true Xbox Live is overpriced but this deal seems a little more affordable, so if you have an Xbox and haven't been able to renew your Gold account then you'd be stupid not to now.

If any of you care to recall the Noble 6 helmet is given out at conventions such as Comic-Con and can't just be purchased on the Xbox Live Market Place. So, if you are a Halo diehard that needs the helmet to match with your Noble 6 suit that you bought for 400 points ($5) then you're in luck... and a little off for spending $5 on a virtual suit. It's a great time to be a Halo fan!

Source: Joystiq

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