Warren Spector Hopes to Make 3DS Title

Warren Spector Thinks 'Epic Mickey's' Polarizing Reviews Are 'Kind Of Cool'

Super awesome game creator, Warren Spector, who is currently working on Epic Mickey for the Wii was in an interview recently with Gamasutra and the subject of 3DS was brought up. Spector, a bit of a futurist, absolutely gushed about the subject and had a very interesting statement and revealed his desire to create a title for the upcoming platform.

“Boy, 3D is here to stay; it is not a fad, and speed the day that we get big screen TVs, and theaters with glasses free 3D like that. Nintendo got everything right on that little device. And they deserve to sell a gazillion of them. I want the first one off the line. And boy I hope I get a chance to develop for it someday. I mean literately, I came away from that feeling like I had just experienced some Disney magic. And I’ve been telling everybody who’ll listen it’s like the coolest thing ever, it’s unbelievable. I absolutely fell in love with the thing.”

Warm feelings that Mr. Spector shares for the 3DS. He genuinely sounds excited for the product and given his development track record, there's no doubt that a game he creates for the platform would definitely be something to check out. I'm sure there are many developers who are ready, willing, and excited to develop for the 3DS. It seems like it will be a very strong handheld platform and I wouldn't expect anything less from Nintendo, who is an absolutely unstoppable juggernaut when it comes to the handheld market.

The technical capabilities combined with inventive minds will no doubt make the 3DS the handheld for the next couple of years and I cannot figure out a way for Sony to really compete with it, at least on the gameplay and presentation side of things. 3D adds a lot of layers to gaming and if developers can quickly capture it, there's no telling what can happen with the device once it launches.

Source: Nintendo Everything/Gamasutra

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