3DS Update is Live; Details on the New Features

Nintendo 3DS November Update Arrives in December

The previously delayed November update for the Nintendo 3DS has finally gone live, and with it comes a number of brand new features such as a 3D video recording, new content for the Mii Plaza, and much more. The abundance of new content makes the update worthwhile, but what exactly are gamers getting? We're glad you asked.

The first thing that 3DS owners will notice after updating the handheld is that there is a new app on the main menu called Nintendo Zone. Unless you live in a Best Buy, or you're located near one of the other 28,999 other participating Wi-Fi locations in America and Canada, you won't be able to do anything with the new application. It does promise to offer exclusive demos, videos, and SpotPass content through special promotions provided by Nintendo's partners, so only time will tell what kind of "exclusive content" will eventually be offered.

The Mii Plaza has also received a much needed dose of awesome, and it has seen some major additions in terms of content. Those who have gone through the rigorous task of collecting every hat and puzzle piece in Find Mii and Puzzle Swap now have new content to spend their hard-earned play coins on. New puzzles have been added, and they feature 24 pieces to collect (a substantial upgrade from the previous 15 piece puzzles). There is now a new game called Find Mii II with a stupid amount of new hats to collect. New Miis can also populate the Mii Plaza through SpotPass, but they don't seem to do much other than simply show up for the time being.

Nintendo 3DS November Update New Puzzles

The Mii Plaza has been given an app called Slide Show to view all of your completed puzzles, a StreetPass Map (which highlights the areas around the globe that are home to other players you've encountered using StreetPass), and a Music Player that enables players to listen to all of the original music found in Mii Plaza. Most notable is the addition of Accomplishments, which act as a set of Mii Plaza-based achievements. For the time being, Accomplishments are exclusive to the Mii Plaza and its games, but hopefully that will change if enough players show enthusiasm for the new feature.

Wrapping things up, gamers are now able to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video with the Nintendo 3DS camera. The video can be a solid block of recording, or a combo of mini films, but the combined time of footage can't exceed the preset 10 minute limit. The eShop was also updated to accommodate downloadable add-ons, but for the time being, the layout has not been changed and there is still no sign of any DLC yet — although we're still crossing our fingers for some new Mario Kart 7 characters and tracks.

That's the bulk of the Nintendo 3DS update, and it should provide 3DS owners with a cornucopia of new time wasters. There's plenty of new content to explore, so if you haven't updated your Nintendo 3DS yet, then go and check it out.

Did you download the new update for 3DS? What do you think of all the new content?


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