3DS Update To Include 3D Video Recording; New 'StreetPass' Game

Nintendo 3DS 3D video Recording

Let the one-upping continue.

Just days after Sony unveiled the North American and European launch dates for the Vita, Nintendo of Europe announced that the long-awaited 3D Video Recording feature will be included in the 3DS firmware upgrade that is tentatively scheduled for a November 4 release.

Improvements to both the Mii Plaza and eShop are also slated to be included in the firmware update, though at this point, it is anyone’s guess as to what those updates will constitute. The 3DS presentation scheduled for tomorrow might shed some light on all of these updates.

Also announced was the release of a new StreetPass game, reportedly teased at the September 3DS conference. The news surrounding what exactly is in the new StreetPass game is still a mystery, yet another piece of information that gamers, industry insiders and investors are eagerly awaiting at tomorrow’s online event.

It is unconfirmed at this point if this update will be worldwide or limited to Europe and Japan initially, though given their history, a worldwide release is likely.

3DS New StreetPass

While an interesting concept, in my opinion, the StreetPass game is a novelty at best. As for the 3D functionality, anyone who has been taking 3D pictures since they first owned their 3DS system is undoubtedly excited about the new 3D Video Recording feature. With 3D now becoming more main-stream in the consumer space, the 3D Video Recording functionality will perfectly compliment the library of 3D pictures that users have already been compiling.

Is this enough, though, for fans and investors to get excited about again? Previous announcements from Nintendo regarding the 3DS have been lukewarm at best, and at worst, downright disappointing. This gamer is cautiously optimistic that tomorrow’s webcast will deliver the goods to fans and investors, calming the fears of many who might have begun to think that the Vita would blow past the 3DS.

Let the handheld wars continue.

3DS fans and users, do you like the upcoming functionality of 3D video recording? Are you excited about tomorrow’s webcast?


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Source: Nintendo World Report

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