3DS Trailer Shows How Tag Mode Works, Talks to Strangers


If you haven’t heard by now the 3DS is coming early next year. In celebration of their announcement, Nintendo has released a trailer showcasing how the new 3DS will allow you to interact with people you pass on the street and how the new Mii creation using the 3D camera works.

Tag Mode is prominently on display during this trailer as each 3DS that the girl passes instantly transfers information between them and her own console. This feature can be used for everything from the sharing of Miis to simulating a fight between your Street Fighter character and a stranger's.

Towards the end of the trailer, you can see exactly how the Mii creation is going to work. All you have to do is point your 3D camera at any person, take a photo, and then the Mii creation studio will try and best represent them in Mii form. Once it has put its best foot forward, gamers will be able to include more features or delete any of the choices made by the 3DS to fine-tune your Mii avatar.

The connectivity of the 3DS is certainly one of the features Nintendo wants to emphasize as being an improvement over the DS console. If Tag Mode works exactly as it purports to work in this trailer and the 3DS sells well, gamers can expect a little treat every time they start up their console. The only worry I have with the whole idea of Tag Mode is whether it requires gamers to keep their consoles on at all times but as long as the battery is durable and can sustain a good amount of time between charges without shutting down I will be satisfied.

What do you think of the Mii creation abilities of the 3DS? Is it just another way to perform a task you didn’t want to do in the first place or does it make you want to make a Mii for everyone you see?

The Nintendo 3DS will be releasing sometime in Spring of 2011.

Source: GameTrailers

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