New 3DS 'Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition' Details and Video

SSF4 3D Edition Nintendo 3DS

Like Vega jumping off a chain-link fence, a new Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition video has jumped onto the internet from last night's Nintendo 3DS event for our viewing pleasure. In addition to showing gameplay footage, the video details two new, exclusive features taking advantage of the advanced wireless communication features in the Nintendo 3DS.

The two new features detailed in the video include "Figure Collecting," which utilizes "chance encounter communication" between systems, and "Arcade Stand By" fights, which appear to be more traditional versus battles, like when someone comes up to your arcade cabinet and drops a quarter in. Check out the video and see for yourself.


Based on the trailer, "Figure Collection" mode looks to allow players to collect figures without doing much more than carrying their 3DS around with them, as each players' figures will battle when two 3DSes with some Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition data come close enough to wirelessly share info. And while "Arcade Stand By Fights" looks to be a more traditional versus fighting mode, it also looks like you can jump in and fight another player that happens to also be playing the game in the same general area as you. I could see this feature being pretty popular on Japanese trains and commutes.

And while these features look cool, I hope the game also includes some form of traditional Wi-Fi versus, because while "Arcade Stand By" could be a lot of fun for those chance encounters at a coffee shop, school, or airport, I am not sure how often players in the U.S. will have opportunities to really take advantage of the feature. But if the 3DS sells as well as the DS sold/continues to sell and Capcom manages to push a lot of copies of the game, both "Figure Collecting" and "Arcade Stand By" could provide a good deal of fun.

Also, I didn't want this post to end without at least touching on the graphics. I think SSF4 is one of the better looking console games out there -- the animation, the style, etc. It is just a lot of fun. And while Capcom has already shown what they can do on a mobile device with the iOS version of SF4, man does the 3DS version look good! From what I have seen in trailers and screenshots, the backgrounds do not look as animated and detailed as the console versions, but the fighters look like the full 3D models, versus the sprites used for the iOS versions. Animation looks smooth too. And if Nintendo's track record with D-pads continues for the 3DS, Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition could be one solid portable fighter.

Ranters, what do you think of Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition? Which 3DS games are you most looking forward to?

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS currently has no release date.

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