Rumor: Nintendo to Hold Press Conference in Fall, Announce More 3DS Surprises

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Here at Game Rant, we don't like to report on rumors we don't think are viable, and we usually need a pretty creditable source if we're going to write it up. This time however, we might let that second rule slide. According to GoNintendo user 'Kodax', a representative from Nintendo stated that they would be holding a press conference in North America this Fall, and that there are still "a lot of things the general public doesn't know about the 3DS".

While we don't know the validity of Kodax's claims, nor the integrity of the Nintendo rep that supposedly made them, we have to admit it does seem like this may end up being true. As we previously reported, Nintendo is set to hold a press event in Japan on September 29th and it doesn't seem implausible that an event would be held in North American soon after. The question is: would it be held specifically to reveal more information about the Nintendo 3DS? After all, if we already know a date and price, what else is there to discuss?

Here's the full quote from 'Kodax':

"The most interesting bit of info he shared with me was that Nintendo already has their Fall Conference lined up. The date and location are already set, they have just yet to formally make an announcement. He also teased me by saying there is still a lot of things the general public doesn't know about the 3DS. So more surprises coming soon in that regard.”

Personally, I certainly believe it's likely Nintendo will hold a press conference soon after the already-announced 29 September affair, if only to confirm a pricing model and release date for an American audience. I don't think that's all they'll be doing however, if this rumor is correct then there's something bigger in the works here. Seeing as we already know the vast majority about the 3DS hardware, then it's likely the news will be software-based.

That's not to say the conference will focus on games, however. While Japan/North America/Europe may have different release titles, I'm holding out hope that the 3DS will be Nintendo's first leap into an online, social community network akin to Xbox Live. Nintendo has gone on the record as saying that they're not satisfied with their online efforts... Perhaps the 3DS is where it all starts to change.

What about you, readers? Do you think it's likely that Nintendo will hold a press event so soon to their confirmed 29 September conference? What, if anything, do you think they'll announce? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo

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