3DS Now Available for Pre-Order, Still No Price or Release Date

Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders

The holiday season may only just be coming to a close, but it’s never soon enough to start thinking about next year. Keeping that thought in mind, Game Stop has started taking pre-orders for an item that is sure to be high on gamers’ lists next year: Nintendo’s 3DS.

As one of the most exciting pieces of new tech set for release next year, the 3DS has casual and hardcore gamers interests’ piqued. Boasting a wide variety of launch titles, from 3D versions of old classics to fully realized franchise entries, the 3DS looks to be beyond prepared for launch.

One of the major points of contention regarding the 3DS is going to be the price. Until the expected announcement of a US release date and price, many will speculate that the North American version will retail for a lower price than the $300 equivalent in Japan. Regardless of how much the console does end up going for, Game Stop is currently accepting deposits of $25 and $50 at any of their brick and mortar stores.

Though this is merely a preemptive strike against the inevitable onslaught of pre-orders, don’t expect many more to follow until after Nintendo’s preview event, scheduled for January 19 in New York City, that will put the final stamp on price and release date.

While the price might not yet be set in stone, what is nearly set in stone is the stark divide the 3DS is forming amongst gamers. As a handheld console with a retails price comparable to a launch PSP, the 3DS has a lot to prove to those naysayers out there.

If you’re looking to get in on the action head on over to your local Game Stop and secure your 3DS before pre-orders sell out.

Will you be pre-ordering the 3DS without even knowing a price or a release date? Is the 3DS even on your radar as a potential purchase next year?

Source: NeoGAF

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