3DS NES Games Revealed

Nintendo has finally released the entire list of NES games that will be made available for free to those who are eligible for the Nintendo Ambassador program. It’ll be very hard for early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS to be disappointed with the final list of NES games that will be made available to them for free, because these are some of the best games to ever hit Nintendo’s first home video game console.

Remember, the NES games listed below will be made available in their very basic forms on the first of September, but when they are eventually made available to the public later this year they will be updated — and some classic NES titles will even support multiplayer. However, don’t expect 3D visuals in either version. Nintendo has clarified that, unlike Excitebike 3D, none of these games will receive the 3D Classics treatment.

Without further delay, here is the entire list of NES titles that will be made available for free to Nintendo Ambassadors.

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Balloon Fight
  • Ice Climber
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Metroid
  • Open Tournament Golf
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Yoshi
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The original Metroid seemed like an obvious game to bring to the 3DS, and it should be a lot of fun for fans of the franchise to revisit Samus Aran’s origins. Another standout game is Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which was a different, and extremely difficult, take on the original The Legend of Zelda game — which is also free.

One game that seemed like it was guaranteed a spot on the 10 free Nintendo Ambassador titles was Kid Icarus. It would have been a perfect game to start building excitement for the upcoming 3DS revamp Kid Icarus: Uprising, but it seems that Nintendo just didn’t feel it was an appropriate game for whatever reason. Of course, they’ll likely release that NES classic closer to Uprising‘s launch.

All 10 of the free NES games that will become available on September 1st are great games, and will surely keep old-school fans preoccupied until Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 release later this year. Let’s also make it a point to not forget the 10 Game Boy Advance games which also be made available for free to Nintendo Ambassadors later this year. We may not know the full list of GBA titles, but there are certainly five we would love to see.

Are you in the Nintendo Ambassador program? Which of these classic NES games are you most looking forward to re-playing?

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Source: Nintendo