Every now and then a mod comes along which generates a lot of public interest and turns a few heads. This week, that award surely goes to a forum user named Smealum who has begun the process of bringing the much beloved Minecraft over to his Nintendo 3DS. In a recent forum post over on GBATemp, a mod-friendly portable gaming community, Smealum posted the download link to his early-stages work, though fans wanting all the action of the computer game will find a very simple version of Minecraft awaiting them.

Smealum has begun the process of porting over Minecraft’s Creative Mode, piece by piece, to Nintendo’s portable system. Once this is achieved, he wants to work on bringing the full Survival Mode over to the system, as well. This means that should he continue his work, fans with R4 Cartridges would be able to play a pirate edition of Minecraft they can take with them in their pockets. While the game itself is in its early beta stages, the idea of playing Minecraft on a 3DS — with fully functioning 3D — is sure to appeal to fans of the game.

So far, Smealum has been able to port a limited version of Creative Mode over, which means that users can only add or remove blocks, and traverse a map made from a simple generation technique. Moving ahead, the plan is to continually add features until the portable version truly resembles Minecraft — which would be sure to garner a mass of downloads, regardless of whether it has Notch’s blessing or not.

Minecraft 3DS Creative Mode

Who doesn’t love some simple Creative Mode?

While we here at Game Rant do not condone piracy on any level, we’ll admit that if Notch ever decided to bring Minecraft over to the 3DS, it would truly be a sight to see. That said, it would be an awkward moment indeed when a three-dimensional Creeper scares you so much you chuck your 3DS at a sibling.

With Smealum hard at work at sorting out the details to get a bigger portable experience, it’s only a matter of time until he comes out with a version which more resembles the Minecraft that we all play today. Neither Notch nor any other representative from Mojang has commented on the unofficial mod.

On the more official scale of things, Notch has announced that the upcoming Adventure Update will be playable at PAX, and until then you can always enjoy the official 1.7 Update on your own computer! There are also plenty of legitimate Minecraft ports on the way, including an iOS spin-off, an Android edition releasing first on Sony’s Xperia Play, and a motion control-enabled version coming to Kinect.

What do you think of the idea of Minecraft on 3DS? Do you support the unofficial mod? Would you download it?

Source: GBATemp