Rumor Patrol: 3DS To Launch with 10 Games, Higher Software Prices

3DS Launch 10 Titles Higher Prices

As the 3DS launch gets closer and closer, the rumors get bigger and bigger.  Today, Inside Games is reporting that the Nintendo 3DS will be launching with roughly 10 titles, but that the games will also likely cost more than their DS counterparts.

Aside from launching with 10 titles, Inside Games states that only 10 3DS games will be playable at Nintendo World (this Saturday), contrary to earlier reports.   Considering that there are a large number of 3DS games currently in development, choosing to only show off 10 titles is an interesting move by Nintendo.  Do they only want to show the best of the best, or are many of these games still too early in development?

Now to the numbers.  How much damage will a brand new 3DS game do to our wallets?  Inside Games states that consumers can expect to pay around ¥1,000 more than the average DS game of ¥4,800.  That's a 21% increase, meaning our $40 cartridges will now be similar to PSP titles at $50 a piece. The big budget games could even cost consumers ¥2,000 more, or roughly $60 a title.  How will the consumer react to these kind of price increases? They accepted them on the consoles, but will handhelds play out the same way?

Considering Inside Games did not provide a source, this is still just speculation, despite the fact they are a professional website.  They also report that more details will be announced by Nintendo this Saturday, so keep your refresh button handy on Game Rant during the Nintendo World demo event for the most up-to-date news on the 3DS.

Will this change the way gamers ultimately buy their games?  This could mean less games sold per system, or that only the best of the best will actually sell decent numbers, potentially hurting third parties who lack the Nintendo brand name recognition.  Will this change your decision about purchasing a Nintendo 3DS, or is money even a factor for a new system? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Stay tuned to Game Rant this Saturday for Nintendo World coverage!

Source:  Inside Games [via Andriasang]

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