Is 3DS the "Next Hardware"? Japanese Developers Sound Off

Is 3DS the "Next Hardware"?

It was true in 1989 and it's still true today: "If you build it, [they] will come."  Well, Nintendo went ahead and built it and developers can't seem to stop gushing about wanting to create games for the 3DS.

In order to give us an idea as to the development community's excitement level, Famitsu recently spoke with several big-name Japanese developers and producers.  While some of the responses seem to be typical PR speak, others are more akin to proclamations of divinity normally reserved for messianic prognostication.  Check out the summaries below for the rundown.

Devs with no announced projects:

Shu Takumi - As a big mover and shaker behind such classics as Dino Crisis and Phoenix Wright, Takumi believes that the 3DS presents new challenges to developers and that details like interface issues with 3D and input for certain game types may need to be retooled.  That being said, Takumi said that upon seeing the 3DS for the first time his feeling was, "We've at last reached this point!"  So what would he like to add to the 3DS' library?  "I'd like to show a mystery in 3D space," Takumi said.

Suda 51 - While the mastermind behind Killer 7 and No More Heroes may not have anything planned for the 3DS right this second, don't expect that to last for very long.  "To express the game I want to make in a word, it's 'The Next Game.' Nintendo 3DS is the arrival of 'The Next Hardware.' So, 'The Next Game.'"  'Nuff said.

Hideki Kamiya - The Bayonetta and Okami director shared some choice words comparing 3D games on the big screen to 3D in the palm of your hand.  "Games with dynamic scale are okay too," Kamiya said, "but I personally would like to take a different approach from the large screen and make a 3D game where you can enjoy the feeling of existence given by portable 3D."

Atsushi Inaba - For a guy that has nothing planned, the CEO of Platinum Games seems the most jazzed out of the whole bunch.  "I experienced a strong jolt of the feeling 'I want to make something,'" Inaba said.  "When I first saw Wii and DS at Nintendo's home office, I was also excited. It's the same feeling here, but the level is completely different this time. Since the start of the game industry, there's never been a system that better fit the words 'dream' and 'next generation.'"

Keiji Inafune - The Dead Rising/Megaman guy must be using MBA Man's power or something because instead of telling us all about the amazing 3DS game he's going to make, he just wants to give us a business lecture instead.  "Things needed to sell games are concept, technology and marketing," Inafune said.  "Nintendo 3DS is a showcase of things for selling hardware. While keeping the appeal of portable game machines as is, it offers high processing ability, improved controls, a more appealing design, goggle-free 3D technology, and a robust 3rd party title lineup."

Hiroyuki Kobayashi - The Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 5 producer was, apparently, "extremely surprised" at the capabilities of the 3DS.  "Our own Resident Evil was shown on the show floor and was well received," Kobayashi said, "but when I saw Metal Gear, I felt the new potential of the 3DS. I'd like to make something."

Metal Gear 3D

Devs that have announced projects:

Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear in 3D!  Metal-freakin'-Gear in 3-freakin'-D!  Kojima also said some stuff about how wearing 3D glasses is lame when you already wear glasses but I'm still too excited about the whole 3D Metal Gear thing to care that much.

Toshihiro Nagoshi - While he's currently working on Super Monkey Ball for the 3DS, Nagoshi has a few other ideas he'd also like to bounce around.  "If future portable game machines demand that both social aspects and immersion be satisfied for when you play multiplayer and single player for instance, 3DS firmly answers these with Wi-Fi and 3D," Nagoshi said.  "I'd like to make a variety of proposals."

Takenobu Terada - The producer of the Super Robot Wars series has confirmed that the franchise would definitely be appearing on the 3DS.  Terada also mentioned that with 3DS, the true contender for portable gaming has arrived.

Yoshinori Ono - As the producer for Super Street Fighter IV as well as the producer for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Ono would like to use the 3DS' specific strengths to make the game even more enjoyable.  "We'd like to put in some ideas that make effective use of the portability," Ono said.

and are also going to dinner together

Devs that seem to be excited about the 3DS who are also going to dinner together:

Tomonobu Itagaki - Gaming's resident rockstar remained vague about his plans for the 3DS other than to say that he believes 3D on a portable is more feasible than 3D at home and that a certain dinner meeting may be peppered with talk of Nintendo's latest.  "Today, I have a meeting at a yakiniku place," Itagaki said, "but I think things will heat up with talk about 3DS."

Shinji Mikami - The Resident Evil creator was surprised at just how well the system handled 3D and that he, like everyone else in the world, is a big fan of the no-glasses tech.  "I felt that I'd definitely like to work on 3DS," Mikami said.  "Ah, it's time for dinner with Itagaki."

So, all insider commentary aside, when was the last time you saw some of gaming's best and brightest united in near-universal acclaim for a piece of hardware?  Which franchises would you most like to see on the 3DS?  And just what in the world are Mikami and Itakagi conspiring about?

Source: andriasang

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