Sure, one of the major reasons that many are getting excited for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS handheld is its inventive glasses-less 3D technology, but just as Nintendo has shown themselves to be at the forefront of innovation they have always been one of the companies to look out for when it comes to games. Posted over on the NeoGAF forums are a set of gameplay videos showcasing some of the 3DS‘ upcoming titles.

Included in the post, among some other lesser known titles, is the highly anticipated 3D port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As gold standards go, Ocarina is certainly high on the list and the game looks as if it plays as fluid as the original did. While we are unable to see how the game uses the 3D technology just getting back out onto the open plains of Hyrule should be enough to move a ton of units.


Resident Evil: Revelations spins off the story of Resident Evil 5 into its own handheld storyline. With only a cutscene filled trailer it was hard to pass any judgment on the game, but now that we have a better look it seems to be employing the same mechanic as RE4 and RE5 with the over-the-shoulder style of gameplay. The one addition to note is that when aiming the game takes an even closer view almost to the point of replicating a first person shooter. That is where the 3D element of the game likely shines the most.


Finally, for all of you racing fans here’s one of the first looks at the next Ridge Racer game on the 3DS. Ridge Racer has been out of the spotlight for some time now, but if the pick up and play element of the 3DS has anything to say about it then the nostalgia factor can carry this game a long ways.


Ridge Racer might not be set to hit our shores until some time in the Spring of 2011, but the 3DS is constantly on the mind of gamers everywhere. As Nintendo continues to unveil more games, some of which we have been a long time coming, we can only expect the anticipation for the console to build and build. They certainly have some really great titles in development and they aren’t going to stop there.

Which of the three 3DS titles are you most looking forward to? The nostalgia of Ocarina of Time? Some zombie action in Resident Evil: Revelations? Or high octane races in Ridge Racer?

Source: NeoGAF