Plenty of new info was revealed late last night via Japan’s latest episode of Nintendo Direct. Two new downloadable Pokemon eShop games were announced, a 20th anniversary collection for Kirby was revealed, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 became official.

The announcements didn’t end there either, as a new firmware update for the 3DS was also detailed. Gamers in the mood to do a little Spring cleaning will now be able to do just that after updating their handheld.

The newest update will focus on providing gamers with folders to organize their apps. This will immediately make tidying up the main menu of the 3DS a lot easier, and the ability to name each folder makes organizing downloadable games and apps as simple as pie. Each folder can hold approximately 60 items each, which all but assures even the most hardcore eShop connoisseur will have plenty of space for all of their purchases.

Along with the option to insert applications into a variety of folders, the update will also allow retail software to receive patches and other crucial updates. The first game currently scheduled to be getting an update is Mario Kart 7, and it should be landing at some point in mid-May. The update will eliminate glitched shortcuts that currently plague certain tracks within the confines of the game card. Finally, after denying that a patch was in the works, Nintendo will prevent racers from cheating their way into first place via the infamous Wuhu Island glitch.

Folders and the patches may not sound all that exciting, but they are noteworthy additions. Hopefully the fact that a patch is coming to Mario Kart 7 means that some downloadable content will be racing to the title as well. The option to download new characters and race tracks would only enhance the longevity of the game’s lifespan, and both sides would benefit from that.

The Nintendo 3DS firmware update will become available in North America on April 25th, according to Nintendo of America’s official Twitter.

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