'Resident Evil: Revelations' Kicks Off 3DS Demo Program

Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Demo

It's time to scratch yet another long promised feature off the 3DS's Most Wanted List. Starting January 19th, 3DS owners will be able to download playable demos from the eShop. Heading the charge is none other than Capcom's hotly anticipated Resident Evil: Revelations, with a Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games demo scheduled to follow a week later.

Nintendo first announced playable 3DS demos as part of its Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing. During the briefing, Nintendo was keen to stress that publishers would be able to limit the number of times 3DS demos could be played.

True to form, the Monster Hunter 3G demo that debuted in Japan shortly before the game released was limited to 30 plays. Whether Capcom, publisher of both Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, has enacted a similar limit on the North American Revelations demo has not been disclosed. With the demo releasing tomorrow, we'll know soon enough. In any case, the limited number of demo trials available to players hasn't hurt Monster Hunter's fortunes -- Monster Hunter 3G is Japan's third best selling game of 2011, narrowly losing the number two spot to Super Mario 3D Land.

While the eShop's first 3DS demos have been dated, don't think the program will end with Mario & Sonic. Nintendo already has demos lined up for Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D and Rayman: Origins. Remember, Rayman: Origins won Game Rant's 2011 Video Game Awards for Best Platformer and Achievement in Artistic Design -- this is one game that we can't wait to see in glasses-free 3D.

Tony Elison, Nintendo of America's senior director and general manager of Network Business, touts the benefits of 3DS demos.

"The demo program allows Nintendo 3DS players to be among the first to test-drive select games. Players can try out new genres or series, often weeks before the full versions are available in stores."

Playable demos follow the addition of 3D video recording to the 3DS's bag of tricks, along with support for downloadable content (which would seem to be an appropriate way to handle the Mario Kart 7 glitch). Paid DLC is set to debut with Fire Emblem 3DS, leaving Hulu Plus -- which was supposed to release before the end of the year -- as the only major promised 3DS feature that has yet to materialize.

Ranters, are you looking forward to playing the Resident Evil: Revelations demo on 3DS? What do you think about limiting the number of times demos can be played? What other demos would you like to see made available? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Resident Evil: Revelations releases February 7, 2012, exclusively for the 3DS.


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