3DS Cartridge Sizes Start Around 2GB

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3D gaming, to be or not to be, is the question of this holiday season. Many out there, both on the naughty and nice list, will be receiving the 3D television of their dreams this year. With the explosion of improvements to 3D technology of late you can now go out and buy your own living room 3-dimensional experience, if you’re not only willing to put up with the battery operated 3D glasses, but also the hefty price tag that accompanies most new technology products. For those of us out there ready to experience 3D, but only on a glasses-less basis without the crippling expenses, will have to settle for Nintendo’s new 3DS.

But what we still need to know is whether the games are going to be bigger, better, and simply more fun, or if they are just DS games ported into 3D tech? Well, we at Game Rant, have discovered a little light to shed on our perfectly rendered 3D shadows.

Upon release, Nintendo 3DS game cartridges will only be able to support up to 2GBs of cartridge memory. Those of you who have a little prior knowledge about storage inside DS cartridges will be twisting your head slightly to the right, in a very confused fashion. As all Nintendo tech geeks know, the storage capacity of current DS games can hold up to 4 GBs of storage. Where does this make sense?

Back in 2004, upon release of Nintendo DS games, the cartridges would have as little storage as a single GB. This means that Nintendo expanded their available cartridge storage dang near five-fold since 2004. Amazing huh? And, the new hand held already will be able to handle upwards of 8-gigs of memory for future titles.

With all the new information coming out about the 3DS (or lack there of) we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for CES 2011 coming up this January to hopefully learn some more concrete facts we’ve all been waiting for, like the official price point for the system, future game reveals and, an official release date. You know, the little details. What we know for sure is that the 3DS handheld will most likely be releasing in the first half of 2011, that the 3D tech works, that the games look amazing and have potential storage memory for so much more. Nintendo’s 3DS undoubtedly promises a great gaming experience, and revolution of 3D gaming, but we’ll have to wait to see how it delivers.

Until then Ranters, what kind of news do you still want to know about the 3DS? Do you think they will be revealing everything at CES 2011? What games do you want to see released for the 3DS that haven’t already been announced?

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