Andria Sang has published a story claiming that the Nintendo 3DS, recently revealed in detail at Nintendo’s E3 Conference, will implement a feature that allows users to install their games from cartridge to the 3DS internal memory. The original report comes from a Japanese business paper, so we can’t confirm if it’s true just yet.

While storing games on the hard drive of, say, your Xbox 360 will allow for faster loading speeds when compared to the original DVD, copying games off of a flash drive like the ones used in 3DS cartridges won’t save you time. It will, however, save you from taking 3 or 4 cartridges with you on the road and having to swap them out every time you get bored of what you’re playing.

The main criticism that this feature rumor has come under is piracy – the argument being that with internal storage capacity, the 3DS will make it even easier for would-be pirates to copy games. Should the installation rumor prove to be true, this feature, in my opinion, would simply prove Nintendo’s dedication to preserving a great gaming experience in the face of mounting DRM challenges from other companies.

Personally, I think it’s a must-have. I don’t think playing iPhone games on a crowded rush-hour subway would be nearly as fun if I had to keep rummaging through my bag for a lost cartridge, and the same goes for any other handheld. On the other hand, I’ll still be buying this console either way – features like this are just icing on the cake at this point.

As E3 wraps up, there’ll be plenty more details about the 3DS and its capabilities. Keep checking back for more info, or subscribe to the RSS feed to make it even easier to stay up to date.

Source: Andria Sang

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