Power Bracelet Can Extend 3DS Battery Life

Bracelet Extends 3DS Battery Life

The 3DS has finally been thrust upon the masses, offering ocular entertainment in the third dimension. However, all that fancy 3D gaming at your fingertips won't last forever, as Nintendo has warned gamers to expect shorter battery life for the 3DS.

What can you do to keep the delicious visuals from dying prematurely? Playing the 3DS exclusively at home is one option, but that completely eliminates the benefit of having a portable gaming device. Fear not, it turns out there is a relatively light portable charging device that you can wear right on your very own wrist.

The Universal Gadget Wrist Charger, available from Think Geek for about $35, allows you to plug in a 3DS (or any other DS iteration) and extend its battery life significantly. After all, sometimes you may need more than the three to five hour charge reported in the 3DS specs.

Short battery life may be expected from a device that does quite a number of things, but the downgrade in battery life from the DS -- which offered hours upon hours of game play on a full charge -- remains a real drawback of the new system, as we noted in our 3DS review.

Looking silly as a trade-in for longer play time on the 3DS doesn't seem like too much of a sacrifice, but paying extra money for technology that many gamers feel should have been included from the start is not an ideal situation. The 3DS is new technology, and new technology is rarely without its hitches. However, should Nintendo fall into the "Apple trap" and release a new 3DS a year from now with longer battery life, that would be downright insulting.

Unfortunately, short battery life isn't the only problem that has been reported since the 3DS launched. Enough users have encountered a "Black Screen of Death" to prompt a quick response from Nintendo. As for other issues with the system, it's still early.

3DS owners, what do you think of the system's battery life? Will you be making use of this, or some other, battery replacement?

The Nintendo 3DS is available now for $249.99.

Image and Source: Destructoid

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