3D Printed Nintendo Switch Dock is Better Than the Original

The Nintendo Switch might be one of the hottest console releases in recent memory, but its launch has not gone completely smoothly. The Nintendo Switch has been dealing with a number of different hardware issues alongside a scarcity of new titles at launch, but perhaps the most egregious of these difficulties has been the poorly designed Switch dock. The dock, which has been noticeably scratching Switch screens, has been heavily criticized, but one gamer may have found the solution - print your own smaller, better model using a 3D printer.

The dock, which was made by redditor Yok3r, looks to be a drastically improved version of its official Nintendo counterpart. Yok3r's version is much more compact, taking up less table space while never threatening to touch the Switch's screen, eliminating concerns over potential scratching issues. The 3D printed version still uses the logic board that is included in the official Switch dock, so fans can't simply print the newest version without a little bit of maintenance and a whole lot of warranty-voiding.

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Still, given that the original implementation of the Nintendo Switch dock was removed from the Nintendo store because it was so poorly designed, this 3D printed version represents a nice alternative for fans who are concerned for the well-being of their investment. It's worth nothing that the original Reddit post that featured the new dock design has since been deleted, as the user was attempting to make money off of it, but those interested in finding it will likely be able to do so without too much trouble.

Nintendo's official online store has since restocked Switch docks for $69.99, although there is no word as to whether or not these docks have been altered to address the screen scratching issue and they also do not come with an extra AC adapter or HDMI cable.

Despite the Switch's launch being one of the strongest of all-time, there are still persistent concerns regarding the console's actual hardware and whether or not there will need to be recalls. Most famously, the Switch's Joy-Con controller synchronization problems made waves prior to the console's launch, but Nintendo has since released a patch and has offered up numerous other solutions for the issue. Hopefully, gamers have found the last of the launch issues plaguing the Switch, and Nintendo can simply address them quickly and move on.

Source: Reddit

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