GR Pick: Check Out This 3D Printed Dota 2 Map

Dota 2 players and fans alike should be pleased to hear that a 3D Printing company called White Clouds is churning out 3D map models of the beloved game.

Dota 2 has been captivating players since 2013 and this collectible should do the same. The map features basically everything a Dota 2 player could ever imagine, Ancients, barracks, towers, and much more. It even has forgotten bones from old enemies along the forest path. With all of these locations included, the outside of the map is just as detailed.

The map comes in a hardwood case and a decorative inlay with the game’s name on the side. Lighting is also integral to the map itself, as it highlights lava flows, crystals, and other dynamic elements. White Clouds has three different types of models available for purchase and the company provided a video looking over the map and all its details:

The map’s specifications and features are that it is, for the Full-Size Model, 36” x 35” x 10” and weighs 65 pounds. If that is too large for players, they can opt for a smaller size in the Dire Base Model, which is 14.5” x 14.5” x 6” and weighs only 10 pounds. However, this smaller model doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles the Full-Size Model does, but still shows off how impressive and intricate the map model is. Below is one of White Clouds' designers posing with the Full-Size Model, showing off its impressive size:

The way this map model can be so intricate is due to the fact that 3D Printers are utilized to get even the smallest details perfect. Dusty DeWitt, White Clouds’ Art Director and Lead Designer, stated that he and his team “pulled a lot of assets directly from the game that would be just scattered around the map. Generally they are tiny, oftentimes you barely even notice them."

DeWitt goes on to say that “There might be a pile of bones next to the path or a group flowers or, the blades of grass or really just any little details like that - a crack in the dirt, a little bit of lava or light peeking through. Adding these sorts of details really makes the map model feel like a true Dota experience.” Knowing that this creation was in the hands of people who seem to truly love the game and care about the quality of the map itself can have purchasers resting easy and maybe even studying the map to go to the Olympics in 2022.

White Clouds’ website doesn’t quite give players a price for this stunning collectible, but encourages players to contact them to get more information.

DOTA 2 is now available for PC.

Source: White Clouds

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