GR Pick: Fan Creates Tiny 3D 'Minecraft' Village

While there are a tremendous amount of creative combinations at gamers’ finger tips in the world of Minecraft, it’s quite hard with the game’s graphics to get a true picture of what is being created. Sure, everything has a certain charm, but the art style does leave something to be desired.

Thankfully, a clever (and rich) Minecraft fan who goes by the user name post-apocalyptic research institute has put together a 3D model of a Minecraft village.

Each of the various pieces to the village were created using a 3D printer, a device which can cost upwards of $60,000, and are so small that a tilt/shift lens was used to make this town seem larger than it actually is. They even included some pictures that give you a better sense of just how small this Minecraft village is when compared to a human hand or a piece of currency.

If you’ve come into possession of a 3D printer, all you need to do is download the newly released tech that allows for the printing of Minecraft items. Obviously, that process is pretty time consuming, given how 3D printers work nowadays, but who wouldn’t want their very own Minecraft sheep?

As you can see from some of the making of pictures, this Minecraft village must have required a steady hand and some of the finest tweezers in all the world to put together. It’s funny to think that crafting in game is so simple, while this crafting requires a lot of cash and a lot of patience.

Just the creation of this faux diorama speaks to the fact that Minecraft has become a much bigger phenomenon over the past year. With Mojang moving onto bigger projects, one of which has garnered some unwanted attention, and developer Notch stepping down from development duties, it seems like Minecraft has become more than just a game but a brand.

What do you think of this Minecraft 3D village? How much longer before Minecraft takes over the world?

Source: Flickr (via Kotaku)

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