It’s hard to deny that after a less-than-ideal start with the Wii U, Nintendo needs to step up its game (pun intended). They’ve promised fans games before — like Pikmin 3 within the Wii U launch window — but thus far they haven’t delivered in full.

Luckily, E3 2013 is almost upon us – where the publisher plans to unveil some of their exciting upcoming titles – and after that should follow a decent slate of fall releases. And now included in those fall releases is Nintendo’s new 3D Mario, which could be hitting store shelves this October.

CVG has it on good authority that the new 3D Mario game Nintendo has been teasing will be playable on the show floor, and will release sometime “before October.” Since Nintendo will not be holding an E3 press conference, this could be the one and only chance press get to play the game, unless Nintendo holds a dedicated event.

What’s strange about the 3D Mario rumor is that it feels a little fast for a game to release. Nevertheless, CVG says they have been speaking with retail chains at the executive level, and their sources believe the game will release this fall.

That being said, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be interested in confirming that release date just yet. As Nintendo UK’s PR Director Shelly Pearce tells CVG, “We have a strong line up planned for Wii U in the second half of 2013 including the likes of Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii U.” That’s three titles for Wii U owners to look forward to, but no mention of a 3D Mario.

Either during E3 2013, or with a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, the publisher should clue fans into their plans for the rest of the year, and most likely into 2014. We know those plans include the new 3D Mario, a new Mario Kart, an HD Zelda, and a few surprises, but when those titles will line up in release succession is unclear.

Do you think Nintendo will release their new 3D Mario before October? Would we have seen the game by now if they were releasing the game so soon?

Source: CVG

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