Nielsen Survey Shows Consumers Are Not Fans of 3D Glasses


In a finding that surprises no one, the Nielsen Survey found that while many potential TV buyers are impressed by the 3D TV tech they are turned off by the price, lack of content, and the glasses. Half of the survey participants said that the glasses were uncomfortable or unnecessary with a staggering 89 percent claiming the glasses restricts them from performing any other tasks. Obviously, with gaming the ability to multitask will become less of an issue but purchasing a 3D TV solely for gaming isn’t the most financially sound decision at this point.

3D glasses have invariably been attached to the 3D experience for so long it is hard to imagine an existence that doesn’t rely upon them. While the 3DS has shown us that 3D gaming is possible without glasses it still isn’t the catalyst for a glasses free 3D experience just yet. The unfortunate problem is that many gamers are still living in a household where they are restricted by their television choices. Since 3D television prices are already higher than your average HDTV, it makes convincing anyone to adopt much more difficult.

Gaming is an entertainment industry that usually follows the suit of the film industry. They tend to adopt a tech and we soon follow. Obviously that is not the case across the board but in terms of 3D it can be said that film started it and gaming followed. Games like Killzone 3 are serving as 3D gaming’s maiden voyages on the PS3 leaving a lot of the tech’s potential resting on their shoulders.

As long as 3D continues to prove itself as a money making alternative to the traditional viewing experience the tech will continue to advance. The public might not be interested now, but if the price can become affordable and the games become desirable then the TVs and the universal glasses will all fall into place.

What are you thoughts on 3D in gaming Ranters? Do any Ranters out there own a 3D TV and want to share their experience? Feel free in our comments section.

Source: Joystiq

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