Survey Says 51% of Gamers 'Against 3D Consoles'

The film industry isn’t the only group trying to shove the third dimension down our throats. You can also hold the video game industry guilty in trying to provide its audiences a level of play outside the box, if you will.

But a recent study shows that with this growing trend of 3D, the majority of gamers are unwelcome to the idea of 3D console gaming.

Reputable game comparison site and marketplace, Playr2.Com, took it upon themselves to survey 1,001 self-proclaimed gamers and asked whether or not they were interested in a 3D gaming future. Surprisingly the results were very close, but the majority (51%) responded negatively to the idea of 3D tech in future console releases. On the other side, 47% said they would welcome 3D gaming in the future, while just 2% were unsure.

Of those 51% who were against 3D gaming, 44% deemed it “unnecessary,” 28% said they have played the 3DS and were “unimpressed,” and 22% felt that the introduction to more 3D gaming would “impair the gaming experience.”

What’s the biggest complaint of them all? The “impracticality” of 3DTV’s. Out of everyone who was surveyed a whopping 73% stated they were not in favor of 3DTV’s. A 65% majority of everyone surveyed also said that they would still buy the next-gen Xbox whether or not it would be 3D compatible. Of that 65%, a little more than half already owned a Xbox 360, while 37% owned a PS3.

When asked about the study, founder of Playr2.Com, Simon Kilby says:

“Rumors are constantly flying around about the next big console releases, so we wanted to see what gamers would think about the possibility of a 3D enabled console…It was surprising to see that the majority were against it, but many seemed to be disappointed by the technology on the Nintendo 3DS and wouldn’t like to see the technology spread to other consoles. 3D, given its current popularity in cinema and television, does seem to be the next logical step in gaming; but I think developers will have to be careful to tackle the issues that the Nintendo 3DS seemed to raise with motion sickness and the like. Our study proves that many think it to be unnecessary, or even an impairment on the gaming experience; so it will be interesting to see what happens when the consoles are finally released.”

Nintendo and Sony have both been heavily supporting 3D gaming and it probably is only a matter of time before we see Microsoft focusing on the format as well. We’ve seen the positive results 3D can have with Star Fox 64 3D, but there are still plenty of naysayers – even Electronic Arts feels as though 3D gaming has a poor return on investment.

I for one would have to agree with the 51% against 3D. The whole concept just seems unnecessary and a bit of a hassle to upgrade. How does the video game industry expect their audience to get into the swing of things when most don’t even own a 3DTV? Consumers already have a hard enough time trying to accept 3D televisions into their lives without having to buy overly expensive glasses and 3D movies, upgrading to 3D Blu-ray players, and subscribing to 3DTV channels. What’s the point?

Let’s hear from you! Where do you fall in this debate? Would you welcome the addition of 3D gaming as the progression of technology increases or would you rather just enjoy gaming as it is today, in 2D? If you the next-generation consoles are all 3D compatible, would you buy them?

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Source: Playr2.Com [via GamePro]