It’s hard not to look at 3A’s Collectible Destiny Figures and not be impressed. In partnership with Bungie, 3A has crafted some of the most detailed figures this writer has ever seen, from the “fabric” used for the costumes to the small etchings in the armor and weapons.

Game Rant was able to get its hands on two different 3A Collectible Figures from Destiny, a Warlock and a Hunter. Right out of the box both figures are impressive, standing a little over 12 inches tall, with close to 30 points of articulation. It would be easy for someone to dismiss these as Destiny “dolls,” but the craftsmanship in the figures proves that these are perfect for collectors.

warlock figure with strangers rifle

The Warlock figure brandishes the Lunar Elegy Shader, which gives its armor and robe a blue and orange color scheme. But what’s most impressive is the way the figures look battle worn, with spots of mud and discoloration on the fabric and scuffs on the armor pieces.

He also comes with a small replica of Destiny’s Ghost, as well as three weapons to pose with. Diehard Destiny fans will recognize the Warlock’s arsenal as containing the Strangers Rifle, Murmur, and Bretomart’s Stand. And like the figure itself, each of these weapons is incredibly well detailed to mimic their in-game counterparts. There are also two pairs of hands included with the Warlock, to better suit holding the different weapons.

3a warlock full pose

Much like the Warlock, the retail Hunter figure has plenty of detail in her armor and cloak, from the tiny ammo packs to the rips and tears on the fringe of the fabric. In fact, the cloak, which is the Taniks cloak on the retail version, is a key focal point of the figure, with faux fur circling the hood. The figure also wears a similar color scheme shader – in this case Autumn Splendor shader – albeit with a little more blue and a lot less orange.

hunter figure with imago loop

Weapons included with the Hunter figure fit that class’ play style, which is a long-range encounter with accurate firepower. Specifically, the figure comes with the Imago Loop hand cannon, the LDR sniper rifle, and the Tomorrow’s Answer rocket launcher. Yes, the rocket launcher clashes with the rest of the weapon choices, but its Trials of Osiris color scheme adds a nice pop of color to the figure.

At a recommended price of $190, the 3A Destiny Collectible Figures are not going to be for everybody, but there’s little doubt that fans will get their money’s worth. The craftsmanship on the two figures we saw is impeccable, from the sewing on the Hunter’s cloak to the battle damage painted onto the character’s armor. Nothing about the figures feels cheap; the points of articulation are smooth to move and every material is of a very high quality.

3a hunter hood detail

For all intents and purposes, these are the Destiny classes brought to life in 12-inch form, and they look great on a mantle piece or alongside other Destiny collectibles. It’s also a perfect time to build out that collection in time for Destiny 2.

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The Destiny Collectible Figures can be purchased via 3A’s Retailers and Distributors.

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