3.5 star

felix the reaper promotional art

Felix the Reaper Review

Felix the Reaper is a dark romantic-comedy puzzle game that shows promise with its loads of personality but is held back by simple gameplay.

borderlands 3 review

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 may be a buggy game with performance issues and a disappointing story, but its fun factor is impossible to deny.

blair witch review

Blair Witch Review

Blair Witch certainly has its shortcomings, but it's easily the best thing to happen to the franchise since the original Blair Witch Project movie.

trover saves the universe review

Trover Saves the Universe Review

Trover Saves the Universe is a hilarious game that fans of Justin Roiland will likely have a lot of fun with, but the platforming and combat are as basic as they can be.

darkwood review

Darkwood Review

Darkwood succeeds in creating a haunting atmosphere that will leave even veteran horror gamers on edge, but it has its fair share of tedious moments as well.


World War Z Review

Saber Interactive, Mad Dog Games, and Focus Home Interactive's third-person co-op shooter World War Z provides decent zombie-slaying fun, but it is far from perfect.

metro exodus box art

Metro Exodus Review

Metro Exodus does a decent job at blending the franchise's stealth/shooter gameplay with semi-open world environments, but still falls short of its predecessors.

god eater 3 review

God Eater 3 Review

God Eater 3 offers a heart-warming story and solid combat befitting the game's genre, but it does little to make itself stand out in the field of the JRPG.

pokemon let's go cover

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Review

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee streamline some of the franchise's more annoying elements, but the games are too easy and the co-op implementation is weak.


Battlefield V Review

Battlefield V combines exciting multiplayer action with jaw-dropping visuals and superb audio design, but it's hurt by bugs and a lackluster single player campaign.

transference box art

Transference Review

Transference is a genuinely terrifying and atmospheric virtual reality horror game from Ubisoft, but it has some issues that keep it from reaching its full potential.

overcooked 2 box art

Overcooked 2 Review

Overcooked 2 is better than the first game, largely thanks to the addition of online multiplayer and the ability to throw ingredients, but it can still be improved.

mario tennis aces box art

Mario Tennis Aces Review

Mario Tennis Aces is a well-made, fast-paced, and fun tennis game, but it has some disappointing game modes and may not be all that engaging for solo players.

Knack 2 Review - Knack 2 box art

Knack 2 Review

Knack 2 is an improvement on the original game across the board with a better balance between brawling and platforming, though it's not without its flaws.

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