343 Industries Teases 'Halo 4' and Return of Master Chief

343 Teases Halo 4 and Return of Master Chief

While we have known for some time now that 343 Industries would be working on Microsoft’s next Halo title — taking the proverbial torch from original developer Bungie — there hasn’t been many clues pointing definitively towards the specifics of that game. There have been rumblings that perhaps it would be a remake of Combat Evolved only using the updated graphics of Halo: Reach, while other rumors pointed towards continuing the saga of Master Chief with Halo 4.

Though 343 is still being relatively coy with how they answer questions about their forthcoming Halo title, they did, once and for all, indicate Master Chief will be involved. Unfortunately, they also revealed that, as a developer, they love injecting a little mystery and confusion into the gaming newsphere in the hopes of keeping gamers guessing.

Ever since the somewhat anti-climactic finale of Halo 3 many gamers wondered what was to become of Master Chief, however its original developer Bungie clearly didn’t share that sentiment. Delivering two non-Master Chief related Halo stories, Bungie chose instead to play around with the original universe they created along with further improving their revolutionary AI.

But now, in the hands of 343 Industries, the Halo property is going back to the character that made it famous all those years ago. More specifically 343 revealed to CVG that, “[gamers] certainly haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.”

Unfortunately, as Master Chief is a key element of Halo: Combat Evolved and presumably Halo 4, this reveal could point one of two ways. We know that 343 is going to deliver Halo 4 (they have themselves said it would be stupid not to), but will that be the first 343-developed Halo title or will Combat Evolved be the icebreaker?

There is still plenty of secrecy revolving around 343 Industries’ first Halo title, but details here and there point towards the return of Master Chief and a promise to deliver Halo 4. How 343 plans to approach delivering on their promises — whether it’s with a Combat Evolved remake followed by Halo 4 or vice versa — is sure to be cleared up in the next month or so, but as long as gamers get to once again don the armor of Spartan 117, 343 is sure to have a hit on their hands.

Which do you hope 343 Industries is working on first: a Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake or Halo 4? Do you think that 343 should ease gamers into their development style or should they try and make a name for themselves with new ideas and concepts?


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Source: CVG

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